Honest Product Reviews

What is an ‘honest product review’?

It should be an analysis of a product, both it’s pros & cons as they relate to the product creators claims about what the product is and does in terms of advancing the buyers ability to get desired results.

Many so-called product reviews are little more than veiled attempts to get you to buy the product and earn a commission for the reviewer.

I support affiliate marketing and earn substantial commissions as such. However, I believe that best way to provide real insight and proffer a long term relationship with my audience is to provide them (you) with an unbiased assessment of what a product (eBook, Training Course, or software) will actually do in terms of getting you results.

For that reason, my process is simple: Purchase the product, read the material or test the software based on the product creators instructions and report back to you if that product will in fact work.

For that reason, my reviews will often lag behind the actual launch as I am testing the product. Be assured that once I’m done putting a product through the paces, I will report my findings; both the pros and cons.


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