Are Facebook Video Ads The New Adwords

“EXPOSED. FB Hates YouTube, Two Titans Face Off, Facebook Vs. YouTube Battle Speaks Out And Reveals The Raw Truth About Increasing Your Sales|Making More Profits|Getting More Customers!”

Facebook is officially going after YouTube. These two Internet Titans are at war over who will dominate video marketing. But what does that mean for you and me? Simple, we’ll be served up more video content in the future, which is logical, because video is, at least for now, the most powerful medium for getting your message across online.

With attention spans at an all time low (less than that of a gold-fish), marketers (small and large) are looking to video marketing as the way to engage audiences, and target their ads.

Who Will Win the Video Wars?

Only time will tell whether YouTube can stave off Facebook’s push to overtake them as the worlds largest video sharing site, but moreover, in the end they will both win.

According to DMNMedia marketers need to be concerned because “When it comes to video advertising, you have two Goliaths to choose from: YouTube and Facebook. While Facebook averages 3 billion video views a day and YouTube 4 billion, their advertising options are what make the difference. The key factors to consider are audience, targeting methods, cost and whether you want Autoplay or Skippable for your ad.”

That’s why many marketers are educating themselves with training like Social Video Formula, which teaches the necessary skills for profiting online with Facebook Ads; which right now can be purchased for pennies on the dollar.


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