Build an Effective Opt-In List or Die as an Internet Marketer

The Importance of List Building In Online Marketing

If you have been an Internet Marketer for more than a few days, you have without a doubt already seen a ton of articles telling you about the value of building your opt-in list. What most of the ‘experts’ don’t tell you is that building an EFFECTIVE and profitable opt-in list takes time and effort.

You can have a very long opt-in list with hundreds of names and email addresses and still not be making any sales. There are opt-in lists and then there are EFFECTIVE opt-in lists.

Now don’t misunderstand what is being said here. You will never sell your front-end product or service to every single person that is on your opt-in list. That would be an Internet marketer’s dream come true but it just isn’t going to happen.

The first trick is, of course, getting an opt-in list. Turning it into an effective opt-in list comes second.

In order to get your website visitors to join your opt-in list, you will need to make it worth their while to do so. You will need to give them something that is related to the topic of your website and to the product or service that you are selling. It needs to have value to a potential customer – something that truly helps them.

For example; if you are selling accounting software, you might give them free access to an e-book that gives them information about little-known business tax deductions in exchange for their name and e-mail address. You will capture names and email addresses of those who are the most likely to be interested in buying what you are selling and you are starting to build more than just an opt-in list – you are starting to build an effective opt-in list.

You turn that opt-in list into an effective opt-in list by regular communication. You stay in contact with those who did opt-in and you continue to provide them with related information and incentives to buy your front-end product or service or one or more of your back-end products. To keep them interested and keep your name in the front of their mind, be sure you keep in touch with your list at least weekly, if not more often.

Knowing what you should do and knowing how to do it of course are two different things. To earn rapid email profits involves a more detailed examination of email marketing than we can deliver here. For that reason, I suggest you read How to Become an Email Marketing Hero by Sending Copy & Paste emails.



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